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Amazon Reviews

The Crystal Series

Animals (I also have a blog with more "samples," Live By Loving and Laughing)

Short Hair Guinea Pigs 
Superstitions About Black Cats

Education (I also have a blog with more "samples," Learning At Home)

Overview of A Beka Christian Homeschool Curriculum: Pros & Cons
Why Embrace The Montessori Homeschooling Method
Setting Up A Homeschool Learning Room
Understanding Educational Software In The Classroom
Social Studies Project: Making A Model Of An Iroquois Longhouse
How To Build A Model Pyramid
A Review Of A Beka Preschool Curriculum


Starting Your Own Business 

Frugal Living ((I also have a blog with more "samples," Keep Calm & Coupon)

Dining Out On A Budget

Health (I also have a blog with more "samples," Live By Loving and Laughing)

(Not ready to hire me? Still need articles? Check out my PLR packs on this topic.)

The Cold and Flu Season Is Here 
Common Household Products That Can Poison Your Children
Beware of Thimerosal 

"How To"

How To Prevent Burglary: Theft Prevention
How To Find a Good Church

Internet Marketing (I also have a WAHM blog with more "samples," My WAHM Life)

Using Article Directories Properly
Creating Articles To Use In Your Marketing Campaign

Spiritual Articles (I also have a blog with more "samples," Christian Spirituality)

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